Friday, 1 February 2013

Massage girls in China

Massage girls in China is not as lucky in other place. It is hard labor.

Foot massage is bodily labor, practicing the same movement over and over again makes this girl tired. The students train the strength in their fingers and arms every morning.
Before being able to work, students must be able to correctly identify the pressure points in the feet.
Foot massage school: the students are undergoing ‘entrance training’. The procedure is to knock first, identify yourself, ask if you could enter, and the wait for the customers’ answer by the door. For these rural children, strength isn’t a problem, but etiquette is a big difficulty.
Talking about their plans after receiving their wages, smiles lit up on the two girls’ faces. After they receive the National Professional Masseur Certification, they would receive a monthly salary of 2000 to 3000 RMB.
In a classroom, a girl is holding an old poster. This is the main channel through which students connect with ‘urban’, ‘fashion’, and ‘trendy’.
Class leader Li Tingting is collecting the photos of students going to Tianjin [to work]. Paperwork must be taken care of before they may begin to work.
The night before they leave the school, students can’t fall asleep. Understandingly, the school adjusted the lights out time from the normal 10pm to 11pm.
On the morning express train to Beijing on June 8th, most of the students are lively, but one is in deep thought.
At the exit of Beijing West Station, Han Jiajia and other students blend into the crowd. This is the first time that they’ve left home to work in Tianjin, near the capital.

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